Police seize two motorbikes from the Moorlands


Police have seized two bikes in the Moorlands following complaints from residents.

The first motorcycle was seized in Leek on March 9 after reports that the rider had been riding in an ‘antisocial and reckless way’.

A spokesman for Staffordshire Police said: “The motorcycle was seen riding in an anti social and reckless way by officers before being abandoned.

This is dangerous for the rider, other road users and pedestrians.”

A second bike was seized by officers on March 11 from Tickhill Quarry in Caverswall following complaints made by residents.

Police have confirmed that further investigations are on-going after the 16-year-old rider was unable to prove rightful ownership of the bike.

The police spokesman added: “If you see or know of an off road bike being used this way please call us.”

Staffordshire Police can be contacted on 101, or for emergencies call 999.