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Good afternoon!

Do you ever find yourself telling people that you’re, ‘just having one of those days’?

It’s the kind of day where anything and everything goes wrong. It’s the kind of day that makes you want to scream, ” I JUST WANT TO GO TO SLEEP AND HAVE A BETTER TOMORROW!” Do you know what kind of day I’m talking about?

I’m having one of those days today. I woke up late, left the house late, left a gift on the table at home – it all just happened at once. But still, I remain in a positive – bubbly mood!

Normally when I have ‘one of those days’, I try and find the time to relax at the end of the day, or even throughout if I get the chance! I wanted to share with you my top 3 relaxation techniques:

1.) Meditation

Meditation is very important to me. It’s something that I’ve always dabbled with – whether it’s to help me fall asleep, to give me a sense of empowerment, or – when I’m having one of those days! All you need to do is find a dark room and make sure there’ll be no distractions, then sit or lie in a comfortable position, and then just completely clear your mind. Do this for around 15 minutes to start up with, and eventually when you get into it, you could find yourself meditating for hours at a time! You don’t need to worry about saying ‘ohm’ over and over again to meditate; just be sure to breathe deep.

2.) Write About It

I guess I’m kind of doing this one right now. For years, people have been told one of the best ways to keep a clear mind, is to write down your thoughts at the end of the day. The reason that this has been recommended for such a long time – is simply because, it works! Keeping a clear mind is great to help you deal with ‘those days’ a lot better, and it will also help to improve your quality of sleep. Writing doesn’t have to even be about you. Use that time to write a story; a poem or even a new recipe if you enjoy cooking!

3.) Tea and Telly

As well as my other relaxation techniques work for me – nothing beats sitting on your sofa, with a nice brew, and binge watching your favorite television show! There’s just something about getting all cosy at home. I’m a particular fan of herbal teas, as they have lots of different health benefits – but if you’d rather a cup of coffee or maybe something else, as long as you feel relaxed, then you should be able to quickly forget that you’ve had ‘one of those days’.

Thanks for reading! Comment your favorite relaxation techniques below – and let me know if you have or do try any of these!

Georgia x

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  1. People forget that outside my job I’m a human being and life gets very stressful sometimes and dare I say depressing. It’s important to relax and switch off. These techniques are excellent and well worth doing. Excellent showkeep up the good work

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