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Biddulph Grange set to host play day with a twist


The National Trust have started a campaign to get kids playing outside and connecting with nature
They have created a list of ‘50 things’ to encourage families to play in nature together and build an enduring connection with wildlife.
They want children to explore their senses in the wild, care for plants and creatures, and reflect on their feelings in different landscapes.

It’s not just a case of getting outdoors or learning the names of different birds – they want children to really explore the hooks, nooks and knobbles of nature in all different seasons, and build special memories to last.
Research says these experiences of connecting with nature boost children’s physical, social and mental development.
On Wednesday the 14th Biddulph grange gardens are hosting a play day in which you can accomplish some of these 50 things with your little ones to help them connect with nature

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