Comic book day 2018


25th September is Comic book day. This got me thinking, what comics did we perhaps once read as a kid?  We all i’m sure these days see many of our Marvel comic heroes such as Spiderman, IronMan, etc on the big screen in live action movies. Even DC comics heroes have hit the big screen with numerous Batman movies making an appearance in recent years, hard to explain to some though that these characters once only appeared on paper as drawings in weekly published stories.

Just thinking of the comics i read or borrowed from others as a youngster, i was a regular Beano reader but can also remember reading other comics such as The Beezer, Victor, Roy of the Rovers & The Dandy occasionally along with the Marvel classics.  Through the 1980’s i even collected the original Transformers comics & in recent years subscribed for the hardback reissues so i can read them again & have copies my mum or dad couldn’t throw away. Part of the fun with a comic was always lending or swapping your old editions with family or friends from school who read other comics.  Some of the fun was also with the free gifts they occasionally gave away on the cover which was usually a pin-badge, plastic bookmarks or a sticker album.  Plus it was usually always on your Christmas list to get the annual, then spend part of your Christmas holiday’s reading & some comic series also had summer specials which were always good to have to read on the journey when going for a day trip to the seaside or on a holiday.

I can also remember when it was not uncommon to see such comics on the waiting area tables of the hairdresser or the doctors surgery mixed in with the motoring magazines & copies of Woman’s own.  There was a time when i can recall a schoolteacher saying to us “you should read a book on a regular basis” & usually this was met with the question “do comics count?” to which the teachers usual reply was a resounding yes.

Sadly these days, although comics still exist the magic has been lost a little with many comics being withdrawn, some – like the dandy- now purely being online & the racks of the shops seemingly bare these days with youngsters more interested in finding entertainment on mobile games or simply looking for the YouTube videos of Dennis the Menace instead of buying the Beano to catch up on his adventures.

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