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Daphne’s Flight – dazzle in Biddulph


Women supergroups don’t come along very often, but Daphne’s Flight smite all in front of them.

Tonight it was a heaving St Lawrence church who swooned to their beautiful harmonies.

The band features no less than 5 singer-songwriters, who’ve performed together off & on (well, mainly off!) for over 20 years. Here they arrived at Biddulph at the tale end of a long cross-country tour, but clearly still enjoying themselves, and very appreciative of St Lawrence’s ambience & acoustics.

Chris While hypnotised with her gorgeous Heart Of Stone, whilst Helen Watson roused the spirits with Gone. Julie Matthews’ anthemic Pride had the crowd waving & cheering, Christine Collister sang us a brilliant new blues track, and Melanie Harrold philosophised with the wonderful “From The Heart”.

A marvellous musical evening. Hopefully they will return soon with a new album in tow.

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Dave Lee
Sports Reporter

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