Delicious New Years Mocktails


New year, new you? Maybe you’re looking to eat and drink healthier in 2019, or even just lose a few pounds – but you don’t want to end up with an old, faddy diet. If this sounds like you, below are three lovely recipes for mocktails that are perfect for your New Years Party tonight. They’re low in sugar and packed with goodness.

1. Strawberry Spritz


1 punnet strawberries, washed and de-headed

100ml coconut water

100ml diet (or regular) lemonade

crushed ice

lime wedge, to garnish


Place the strawberries, coconut water, lemonade and ice into a blender and blitz until relatively smooth.

Use a colander to strain the drink into glasses or a jug and garnish with lime wedges.


2. Ginger Iced Green Tea


200ml green tea, left to go cold

100ml ginger ale

ice cubes

enough strawberries, halved and lime wedges to garnish


Fill a small jug half way with ice cubes, strawberries and lime.

Pour in the green tea and ginger ale, a mix.

Leave to chill for a while, and serve in tumbler glasses.


3. Cucumber-Mint Lemonade


1/2 a medium cucumber, washed and diced

2 handfuls mint leaves, washed

200ml diet (or regular) lemonade

crushed ice

lime wedges and extra mint leaves to garnish


Put the cucumber, mint leaves and half of the lemonade into a blender and blitz until the mix looks somewhat smooth.

Add the rest of the lemonade and the ice and blitz these in too.

Strain the drink through a colander into a jug or glasses and add lime wedges and extra mint leaves to garnish.


I hope you enjoy these recipes, let me know if you try or adapt any of these!