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How to Enjoy a Snow Day the Right Way


Winter is here – made official by the snow and frosty mornings with decisions like staying in your warm bed for an extra 10 minutes and being late to work; or getting up early to scrape the ice from the windscreen of your ice cube of a car.

Not everyone likes to cold and the snow, but we can definitely agree that when the schools shut down – or work call to say ‘have a snow day’; that feeling of an unexpected free day can be both exciting and overwhelming!

Here are a few things to keep you and the family occupied on a snowy day like today:

  1. THE OBVIOUS ONE – You could go out and build a snowman, or even an igloo. It’s an age old activity that dates back to the 1300’s. I have vivid memories of building the biggest snowman possible and staying outside until my fingers felt like they were going to drop off, and then eventually going inside and washing my hands too quickly and suffering chilblains. It was always worth it though!
  2. THE SPORTY ONE – Sledging! If you fancy going to the local grass bank and getting your daily exercise in; sledging is for you. If you’re a bit of an adrenaline junkie too, and you feel your sledge just simply doesn’t go fast enough, rub a candle on the base and it should glide beautifully.Just remember to wrap up warm, and don’t sledge anywhere dangerous, i.e. next to the road, towards a fence…
  3. THE ONE FOR SNOW LOATHERS – If you really don’t like the snow, I would definitely recommend having a film day, or even a day of baking where the heat from the oven will keep you warm! If you have a look further back at The Morning Show blogs, you’ll find some great recipes from our own Simon Devereux.
  4. THE ONE FOR BUSY BEES –  As fun as it can be to sit around and do nothing all day, you may be a little bit like me, and enjoy a productive day. A snow day could be an ideal day to sort out that big box of photos in the spare room; or sort out you wardrobe or the items you may have ‘tidied’ under your bed. It could also be used as a great chance to go and run a few errands as long as it is safe to drive or walk.

However you choose to spend your snow, enjoy it but remember to be careful and wrap up warm!

Photos by Jason Whitehurst.

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