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Johnny Cash Roadshow Blows Buxton Away


On Thursday 13th September, I had my first outing to the Buxton Opera House. I must start by saying ‘wow’! What a stunning building it is! The staff were very friendly and helpful too – which helped to heighten the experience. It really is so lovely to see such an old building still in great condition, and being used well.

Of course I had to take my obligatory tourist-type photo, and so I got my camera man to take this one for me (a.k.a. my dad) – so here I stand, in front of the Buxton Opera House after the show, which I will tell you about shortly…

Myself and my dad sat in the auditorium, eagerly waiting for the show to begin. I was looking around and taking it all in, when I looked at the back of the seats in front, and noticed a pair of small, red binoculars! I’d never seen this in a theater before, so at first I was confused, but the more I thought about it, it came to my attention that people used to take binoculars to see operas ‘back in the day’. It was just a really lovely touch that stood out to me and made me smile.

Moving onto the main event now… The Johnny Cash Roadshow began with some very prominent words about Johnny Cash on a screen with a very atmospheric piece of music. This all happened as the band walked on stage and began playing their instruments. The only word I can use to describe the way the show began, is ‘gripping’.

For the duration of the show, everyone was clapping, singing and dancing along to the very mixed selection of Johnny Cash songs – which ranged across all of the decades, and genres that Cash had written and recorded over the years.

The band all had great chemistry, and as well as a wide range of songs, there were a lot of different instruments played during the show, which I wont give away. I can tell you though, that there were a lot of harmonies sung to perfection in the show. Of course, the late, great Johnny Cash was married to the beautiful June Carter-Cash and I can tell you that Carter-Cash was played tribute to in the performance really well. Emily Heighway, who played Carter-Cash, had an angelic voice, and really did justice to her songs. All three of the Carter Sisters worked really well with each other.

Now, Johnny Cash was played by the wonderful Clive John. It’s one thing to be able to sound like someone, but when you look similar to that person too, it was just meant to be. He was a total natural, and gave us all little snippets of information in between songs, which added a lovely touch. But his singing and guitar playing was spot on!

The highlight of the show for me was when they performed Hurt. It was just such an emotional song of which there had clearly been a lot of work put into.

All in all, it was a really well put together performance, suitable for all audiences.

After the show, I  managed to chat to a couple who were in the audience and did a quick interview with them about the night. Here’s me talking to Joan and Richard…

Also after the show, I took the chance to get a picture with Johnny Cash and the Carter Sisters, which was a fabulous end to the night.

Myself and my dad really enjoyed the performance and would definitely see it again!

Thanks for reading!

Georgia x




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