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October 15th – World Students Day


World Students’ Day is a celebration among students across the globe. Though originally a day of commemoration of the more than 1,200 students from the University of Prague whose lives were taken in WWII, these days though it’s more of an occasion to think about the ups & downs of student life.  You also have to dream big & think big to get through student life.

It has become an occasion for universities & colleges to showcase their achievements and the good they do for the local community.  Most colleges these days give the students awards for outstanding achievements, competitions, causes they volunteer for or charity work with students getting the recognition on behalf of the college.  As well as this it has also become another way to showcase academic success.

I myself studied at college for a few years, gaining qualifications & skills in Electronic servicing, electrical installation & IT & computing.  If i’m honest i preferred college to school as i was learning the things i was interested in & not the usual world of Maths & English etc.  So academically the work was hard but the rewards at the end were worth it.  I was even elected student union president for a year & spent a lot of time in the common room that year – probably more than in lectures – as it opened up a few avenues socially & being part of the union also helped economically.  Financially as a student times were tough, i had to work a variety of part time jobs to make ends meet just to get to college & pay my way – usually working on bars, washing pot & waiting tables in a restaurant at weekends or in the evening.  But, like a typical student most of the money i earned seemed to go on beer & late nights on the nights i didn’t have to work, but that was most of the fun.  Plus missing lectures occasionally because i’d either been working late the night before & overslept or pulled an all-nighter hitting the books, then dropped off to sleep without setting the alarm added to the fun when i look back now. But i wouldn’t change a thing… OK maybe i should of attended a few more lectures & spent less time in bed!

What are your stories of College or university?

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