Rock of Ages at The Regent – Actually Rocks!


Rock of ages is a must see musical for lovers of the feel good, fun loving 1980’s rock music scene.

The show features musical numbers from the likes of Styx, Journey, Jon Bon Jovi, Pat Benatar and Europe plus many more metal classics.

From the very start when the lights Dim and the music starts, you are transported back to a time that was Glam, Sexy and brash, a homage to LA in the 1980’s.

The cast were amazing and managed to pull off a both a musically pleasing performance coupled with naughty but nice comedy interludes which really added to the overall experience.

Although the show didn’t feature any world-famous cast members or well-known household names, the delivery and quality of the performance were second to none.

Especially pleasing were, Lucas Rush who played ‘Lonny the Narrator’ and self-proclaimed Bourbon Room “Sound Guy” and Jodie Steele who played innocent county girl ‘Sherrie’, who came to the big city to make it BIG as a Hollywood actress – a dream that didn’t really pan out in the end.

Technically, Rock of Ages ticked all the boxes and credit must be given to the lighting and sound designers and the awesome production crew who really pulled out all the stops.

The constant innuendos and sexual references won’t please everyone – the show is definitely aimed at an adult audience and those who are not easily offended.

But to be totally fair, without that content the show would have lacked the edgy and tongue in cheek tone needed to express the story line.

To summarise if you are ready to rock – this is a must see musical for Real Rockers everywhere!

The show runs until Saturday 16th February 2019. It runs for just over two and a half hours and you can get your tickets here.