Two local theatre groups to present ‘Moorlanders’ at Flash Village Hall


Two Moorlands based groups will be presenting a show inspired by local people this month.

Borderland Voices and Northern International Theatre will be presenting ‘Moorlanders’ on November 9 – a two-part performance inspired by the village of Flash and its surrounding area.

Commissioned by Borderland Voices, We Live Here uses actors to play back words gathered in present day conversations in and around the village. Using only the finest local ingredients, it depicts the reality, humour and strengths of a small and scattered community in the high hills and dark moorlands just up the road from Leek.

The play Poet and Peasant portrays the same world back in the 1980s. Characters quite possibly familiar to the audience play out their lives within a framework of spring to harvest. There’s comedy and sadness in equal measure, but it’s a million miles from the media idea of country living. This is a celebration of a way of life that is as real now as it was twenty, fifty maybe a hundred years ago.

Moorlanders will be staged at Flash Village Hall at 7.30pm on Friday November 9. Admission will be £5 on the door.