Video games day 2018


It’s the 12th September which you may know is #VideoGamesDay.  So today on the afternoon show we’ve been sharing memories about the video games we play or used to play.  Many people mentioning games like Tomb Raider on the original Playstation or Titanfall on the more modern incarnations of the console.

Pong was possibly the earliest game we all hear about as it was probably the first game our parents or us among the older generation ever played. The first Pong game was released in 1972 & yet today i’ve seen very little mention of the game so allow me to put that right for you as it’s probably the very first home console game ever created.  Originally designed by (also credited to) Ralph H Baer, who also designed & developed the tone & light pattern matching game Simon.  Basically Pong if you don’t know it was tennis or ping-pong on the TV screen in it’s most basic form. a white line for each of the 2 players which represented a bat which you moved with a dial to move up & down – known as a game paddle – to knock a square representing the ball across the screen to another player hoping they wouldn’t get to it in time so you’d score a point. once you scored 15 points you had to reset & start again.

I have to admit I’m probably not the best video gamer out there although i have played many games on various computers or consoles i’ve owned (some of which i have catalogued on my own tech blog website) although I play more for fun rather than unlocking achievements or trying to get the most cred among friends.  I’m more at home playing games like Mortal Kombat or the Sims & racing simulators or open world games rather than playing games like Call of Duty or Fallout where you just around shooting at things that move to score points, give me a strategy game anytime.  I’m very much a retro gamer favouring emulated Sega console games & quite a lot of old 8 bit emulation these days, many of which can be played online today.

Maybe today you are spending your day doing a spot of retro gaming with Blink, Pinky, Inky & Clyde who are of course better known as the ghosts in the original PacMan arcade game… sorry if you don’t know what PacMan is, but if you don’t or just fancy playing it again you can play a retro 8 bit version here (although it’s called Snapper due to licensing & copyright) on the BBC Computer Literacy Project’s BBC Micro Emulator which you can find by clicking here

Share some of your gaming memories or your favourite video games, i’d love to hear them.

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