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This is a Superb Musical which Pays Tribute to The Everly Brothers
It takes it name from one of their popular ditties “Walk Right Back” and tells the story of one of the most iconic duos from the 60`s era.

A lively musical performance follows the lads as they grow up right through to their successful adulthood when they are truly at their Musical Peak.

The Show highlights the brothers decade long feud that nearly ripped their relationship apart many times.
One of the best bits is the story on how they put their differences behind them and
came back Bigger and Better than ever before

The music of the Everly Brothers influenced the Beatles, who referred to themselves as “the English Everly Brothers” many times.

The Everly Brothers had over 30 Billboard Top 100 singles,
26 of these singles were in the top 40.
They hold the brothers hold the record for the most Top 100 singles by any duo.

The lads were among the first 10 artists inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1986 on the strip.

You are in for a treat as they perform some of their Biggest and Best songs including ~:

All I Have To Do Is Dream , Wake Up Little Susie , Cathy’s Clown & Bye Bye Love.
RCA and Columbia Records were instrumental in their rise to Success and chart toppers in the early days

The Wilson Brothers do the the Everly Brothers Proud and really take the audience back to the golden days in Iowa starting in the early 1950`s post Rock n Roll era.

Luke and Arran Wilson really do look the part and re create the Authentic Rock a Billy sounds required.

As an added Bonus the cast deliver performances from other Musical Icons of the decade Including :- Buddy Holly , Roy Orbison.

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