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Your second Daily Crossword grid.


Here we go then, time for a new grid for the daily Lunchtime Crossword which you can find below.  Firstly though here (on the right) is the solution to the 1st grid. Thanks to everyone who got involved or made guesses each day, but as the first grid is finished, that doesn’t mean the fun will end, it just means we have a chance to start with a brand new grid.

Each day we will reveal a new clue & of course fill in the letters that have already been completed to help with future answers.  If there is no letter showing from a previous answer, i will always give you the first letter.

Feel free to print out the grid, completed clues & add the answers – plus of course the new clues – as I reveal them to you weekdays between 1pm & 2pm.  I’ll do my best to add the clues we’ve already had from time to time as they are completed.
As i reveal the clues you can always get in touch with your answers to get yourself on my shout-out list. Call 01538 381037, Emails to studio@moorlandsradio.co.uk or send a text message to 0774 593 8220 (Std Network Rate applies) but don’t forget to include our name in the message & maybe where you are from.

Across Down
1. Incensed (7) 1. Run away (7)
5. Inspection of accounts (5) 2. Bureaucratic procedure (3,4)
8. Tentacled sea creature (5) 3. Stuck (5)
9. General pardon (7) 4. Lethal (6)
10. Eccentric person (7) 5. Render void (5)
11. Wingless parasitic insect (5) 6. Talk about (7)
12.  Spruce (6) 7. Aromatic herb (5)
14. Astronomical distance (6) 13. Cure for all ills (7)
18.  Radius, ulna, etc (5) 15. Conciliate (7)
20. Commonly used pain-killer (7) 16. Nunnery (7)
22. Miracle (anag) (7) 17. Road-surfacing material (6)
23.  Saunter (5) 18. Crazy (5)
24. Organism causing fermentation (5) 19. Chic (5)
25. Pharmacist (7) 21. Leader of a Jewish congregation (5)

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